Announcing: Our Enhanced Softphone

by CallTrackingMetrics

Maximize Productivity with the New Softphone!


Our team is incredibly excited to announce the recent advancements to our Softphone!

The user interface has been redesigned to integrate a few key menus within the phone display, including your agent status, and your recent contacts. You can also find full features of the Call Log, such as caller profile and marketing attribution data, directly inside the Softphone window.

As a result, agents on-the-go will have no need to swap back and forth between the Softphone and the Call Log to view and access all of the features they need.

If you use our software from a desktop browser, you’ll also find another huge boost to productivity: the ability to embed the Softphone display directly into the same window as the Call Log.

Users can keep CallTrackingMetrics active in one tab to make and receive calls, while working in another application or window. We’ve been loving this particular update around the office, so we hope you will, too!

We continue to see growing demand for a comprehensive softphone that allows users to stay in a single application—whether it’s their CRM or CallTrackingMetrics. With our unified softphone interface, users have access to rich caller profile and attribution data at their fingertips. When coupled with our Salesforce integration, companies are seeing unmatched productivity.

– Todd Fisher, CEO of CallTrackingMetrics


Right now, the new Softphone is available in a “beta” version, so we would greatly value any feedback you might have. After you activate the new Softphone, use this form to send us questions, comments, or suggestions for improvements.

Interested in activating the new Softphone on your user account? Check out our help article to learn more!