The CallTrackingMetrics official iPhone app

by CallTrackingMetrics

Welcome to our new “Ask an Expert” feature!

At least once per week, we’ll sit down with one of our resident CallTrackingMetrics experts and ask them a question that a real CTM user posed to us. Our inaugural post will be just a little different, in celebration of our new app becoming available in the App Store!

This week, I asked our CEO and co-founder, Todd Fisher, a few key questions about our new app. Here’s what he had to say about the exciting new release.

Todd Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder of CallTrackingMetrics

About the New CallTrackingMetrics App

When did our app officially get released, and how does it compare to the version previously available in the App Store? 

This new version was released a few weeks ago, and it’s significantly improved in multiple ways. For example, when you receive a call through our app, your phone will show a splash screen with the information of whoever is calling, even when the screen is locked!

What do you think is the coolest feature of our new app?

I think the customizable caller interface is really cool.

Are there any aspects of our software that are unavailable in the app version?

Actually, no. Our new app can really do everything that our desktop version does!

What is the difference between the app, and the mobile view of our software in Safari?

The biggest difference is the iOS integration that comes with using an app versus logging into a browser. That’s how we’re able to function like a phone, even on an iPad.

Which of our users would benefit most from our app?

Honestly, I can see all of our users benefiting from being able to access the full features of our software from anywhere in the world, with just a mobile phone.



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