Call Tracking in Canada

by Laure Fisher

Businesses in the Toronto, Canada area are scrambling to get the remaining phone numbers with a 647 area code before a new area code goes into effect in early 2013. Call Tracking Metrics has been working with a number of businesses in Canada to acquire 647 numbers to be used in marketing campaigns.

Toronto area residents experienced a similar shortage as 416 area code phone numbers became scarce in the 1990’s before the introduction of the 905 area code. Each area code holds about 7.5 million possible numbers. According to the Toronto Star, almost all of 416 are in use, and 647 has more than two-thirds of its numbers assigned.

In July of this year, it was announced that Area code 437 will overlay the existing 416 and 647 area codes due to increased demand for phone numbers. It will not go into effect until March 25, 2013.

So- what’s a business in Canada to do in the meantime? Call Tracking Metrics supports hundreds of businesses and marketing agencies throughout the US and Canada with toll free and local tracking numbers. We work with telecommunications carriers to procure hard to get numbers and we can arrange for blocks of numbers to be released. Many of Call Tracking Metrics’ clients use these phone numbers to identify which of their marketing channels are generating leads that result in conversions.

By installing a simple piece of our code on a business’s website, the business phone number will dynamically update based on how a visitor finds the website (Google Paid, Google Organic, Facebook, print ad, TV ad etc). Our detailed reports allow businesses to determine which marketing channels are bringing the best calls leads and they use this information to better target their advertising and marketing investments.

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