Call Tracking Metrics and Optimizely

by Todd Fisher

Optimizely AB TestingToday we’re excited to announce our latest integration with Optimizely (“A/B Testing you’ll actually use”).

We’re now able to report on the effectiveness of any optimizely experiment with respect to call volume. If you’re wondering about the impact of changing the color of your phone number, size of your phone number or any other variation of your website with respect to inbound calls, our system will happily report this valuable metric to you, under the new report available “calls by experiment” which can be found in the “call reports” area.



Within the report you can even drill down to see which variant drove what percentage of calls.

The great thing is you don’t have to do anything special.  Call Tracking metrics tracking code will automatically detect and begin tracking your Optimizely A/B test data. Once we detect Optimizely data, you will start to see the “calls by experiment” report within your call reports.

If you havent started using Optimizely yet, you can sign up here. We think its a great tool for advertisers!