Call Tracking Metrics Compared to Google’s Call Metrics

by Laure Fisher

We have received many questions about why customers should chose Call Tracking Metrics over using Google’s Call Metrics. Google’s Call Metrics allows users to track if a customer calls the phone number listed as a Call Extension on the search engine results page (SERP), but it does not track if a customer clicks on the ad and calls the phone number on the website.  Tracking both customers calling the phone number in the ad extension and customers that call while on the advertisers website, gives advertisers a complete picture of how their AdWords campaigns are truly performing. Call Tracking Metrics allows advertisers to track both.

Another benefit of Call Tracking Metrics over Google’s Call Metrics is that Google’s Call Metrics only provides insight into which ad groups are generating calls. Call Tracking Metrics allows users to track at the keyword level and provides more in-depth tracking for customers who call the number in the ad extension or visit the advertisers website.

Call Tracking Metrics provides insightful reports that include the customers name, phone number, location, time of call, duration of call and a recording of the call while the Call Metrics reports provide very little detail about the customer calling the Call Extension.

keyword level call tracking

We have provided a side-by-side comparison of Call Tracking Metrics to Google’s Call Metrics in the chart below.

Call Tracking Metrics vs. Google's Call MetricsFor more information about adding ad extensions or keyword level tracking, please visit our website or contact us at (410) 394-9424.