Call Transfer to a Queue

by Todd Fisher

Since we’ve launched the Softphone in 2013, we’ve had a desire to make it easier for agents to transfer phone calls. Our most recent update makes it possible to transfer a caller to a Queue. A great use for this is to handle re-routing a caller to a Sales Queue or a Support Queue. You may already have a IVR menus configured to allow incoming callers to self-select by keypress, but they still may be better helped by transferring to another department or team.

One excellent way to use Queue transfers is in combination with a Smart Router. The Smart Router can be used to make a guess about which Queue the incoming caller should be directed without any key press prompts. If an agent still needs to transfer, they can now do so to the correct Queue.

In the video below I’ll walk through a real example of how to configure this today in CallTrackingMetrics.