CallTrackingMetrics gives back to its Community

by Jessica Michaels

CallTrackingMetrics gives back.

Our staff here at CallTrackingMetrics is made of motivated and hard working individuals, but more than that CallTrackingMetrics is made up of families. As parents and grandparents we understand the importance of being active member in our community and as a growing company we take pride in having the ability to give back to our community.

This past holiday season CallTrackingMetrics embarked on their first ever charity initiative, partnering with St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital to help end childhood cancers. We are pleased to announce we raised and donated over $2000.00 to this great cause.

Since then we’ve donated and have been heavily involved in helping our local elementary school build a new playground. We believe it’s important for the children to have a local safe place to run around and play.

We’ve also joined and become very active members in the local Chamber of Commerce. Sponsoring and participating in the Chambers events.

As our businesses continues to grow and thrive we look forward to having many more opportunities to give back and get involved in our community.