CallTrackingMetrics Reseller Opportunities

by Laure Fisher

We work with thousands of advertising agencies and marketing professionals to incorporate call tracking into their offerings for their clients and partners.

Whether you just want to recommend our services to acquaintances and earn commissions or maintain control over someones account through an agency model, we have great solutions for you to choose from. 

White Labeled Options: 

For those agencies who want to white label our offering with their own branding and provides their clients with a varying amount of control over their call tracking program, we have two options:

  1. White Label On Your Domain: (aka: Custom White Label Program) Run our system on your domain so that its completely seamless with your other services. This is a great way to maintain complete brand control over your customer’s experience. Your logo will be displayed throughout the system, login pages are white labeled, any system emails will come from your own email address, and any help/contact pages will be white labeled with your content.  Pricing runs $149 a month for the agency, with a $298 set up fee. Learn more
  2. White Label on a Subdomain: (Platinum White Label Program) Choose your own subdomain on (e.g. and display all of your own branding throughout the system.  Similar to option #1 above, all system emails, login pages, and help content will be white labeled. Pricing runs $79 a month for the agency with no set up fee.

In both options above, you create 1 master agency account and all of your clients can be added as sub-accounts within that 1 account.  There are no limits to the number of sub-accounts, or associated users you add to your agency account. You can choose to have each of your client accounts on their own credit card (i.e. your clients) or on your agency card. So, you have flexibility in how you bill your clients within your agency account.

Agency dashboards show you the performance of each of your clients in quick snapshots so you can monitor your performance daily.


Also- you can control access at a very granular level so that each client only has access to the sub-accounts and detail that you want them to have.

Affiliate Commission Program: 

If you would rather not operate in an agency model and would instead just like to refer clients to our service, you can sign up to become a CallTrackingMetrics affiliate and send people your unique affiliate link to use to sign up for our services. You earn 10% of everything they spend with us across the lifetime of their account.

Here are the steps:

  • Apply for an affiliate account. We usually approve you within 1 hour!
  • In our affiliate management system, go to the CallTrackingMetrics offer to get your unique link.
  • Send your link to your prospects so they can sign up! The link takes them right to the plans page so they can choose the plan they like best.
  • If you would like to have access to their account, ask them to add you as a user so you can view their account along with the other accounts you have access to on the manage accounts page. 
  • You can monitor your progress daily though the affiliate management system and you will be paid out monthly as soon as your earnings are at least $25. We payout via Paypal so be sure to enter your Paypal email address in your affiliate application.