CallTrackingMetrics Unique Company Culture

by Jessica Michaels

CallTrackingMetrics has several very unique company cultures. First, we live and breathe our product. Our entire phone system is set up to use our own phone routing software so that we are all intimately aware of the way it works and able to quickly identify issues our clients might be experiencing. The staff are passionate about the product because we use it and it proves its value to us each day. We’re using our product to sell our product and it’s effective.

Everyone in our organization is responsible for helping our customers and interacting with them on a daily basis. From the CEO, Todd Fisher, down to our newest staff member, when the support line is called, there is a waterfall approach to how the phone rings in our office. When our support lines are all busy, calls will ring to our marketing, sales, and engineering departments, ensuring our clients receive the highest customer service and keeping the entire staff knowledgeable on our product.

A very unique fact about CallTrackingMetrics is that everyone blogs. The CTM blog is a representation of the company, and the company isn’t made up of one voice, but rather of all of our voices. Each staff member is bringing something to the table, so we have them blog about it. It’s an important opportunity for everyone to talk about what they are passionate about as it relates to our product and our customers. Each person has a different approach and focus and that brings a wonderful mix of information to our blog each day.

Lastly, CallTrackingMetrics has a unique culture as compared to many companies in the technology industry due to the balance of male to female employees in the company. The average female presence in a technology company is 30%- at CallTrackingMetrics, more than half of the employees are female and the company is co-owned by a woman. We strive to ensure a strong balance between male and female employees – We believe this is a competitive advantage for us in attracting talented women who may not feel at home at other technology companies and also relating to our customer base, particularly in the advertising industry, whose consumers are 85% female.