Discover Our New Live Chat Product

by CallTrackingMetrics

Live chat used to be considered a “nice to have” feature, but is now an essential part of any customer communications strategy. More than half of consumers prefer to contact a business over live chat versus phone calls or other methods. This is because it’s easy, allows them to multi-task, and reduces their wait time to connect with an agent.

With chat becoming the preferred communication method for many consumers, we’re excited to share that you can now launch and manage your own live chat widget within CallTrackingMetrics. In addition to providing instant, real-time service for customers, you’ll be able to gather essential marketing attribution data for chats so you know which campaigns or channels are driving customers to contact you.

Benefits of Using Chat on CallTrackingMetrics

  1. Consolidate your software spend and reduce reliance on third-party tools
  2. Manage multiple service touchpoints within one unified communications dashboard
  3. Empower agents to serve customers quickly in their preferred method, while giving them tools to customize and expedite their communications across your organization
  4. Track your marketing efforts for chats, in addition to calls, texts, and forms, so you can optimize your advertising strategy

Since you can now manage your own chat widget within CallTrackingMetrics, you don’t need to rely on installing third party bots or widgets on your site. Agents will be able to manage calls, texts, form submissions, and chats all within the call log on CallTrackingMetrics. No need to switch tools or even website pages to handle various support inquiries. You’ll be able to conserve overall resources because chat enables you to reduce the number of inbound calls, directing inquiries to chat instead.

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Your agents can have canned responses prepared for frequently asked questions so they get their job done faster, as well as full visibility into visitor and campaign data for the customer and any history of past exchanges so they can further personalize the interaction. If the conversation changes course mid-convo, agents can easily transfer the chat to another team member or queue. They’ll receive the transcript, as well as the customer’s contact record, so they can pick up right where the first agent left off.

Customize Your Own Chat Widget

In the CallTrackingMetrics app, you can customize your chat widget to reflect your business’ colors so the customer experience is seamless on your website. The widget is easy to install so you can get up and running in minutes. Support your team with custom individual and team macros (canned responses) and set up your own routing to route chats, similar to how you route calls, to different agents and queues. Activate triggers to automate internal actions based on chats across teams within your organization.

What agents will see internally on CallTrackingMetrics versus the customer view. You can customize your own chat widget to reflect your company colors.

Learn More About Chat

Visit our Support Hub to see step-by-step instructions for setting up chat.