Email a Call

by Laure Fisher

We have recently added the ability for customers to email a notification of a call occurring from their call log. A number of customers had asked us for this enhancement so that they can communicate call information to their colleagues.

To access this feature, click “edit” on a call in the call log. You will see the detail of the call as well as the option to “Email Call”

call tracking metrics- email a call feature








Once you click on “Email Call”, a screen will pop up giving you options for the email. You will notice that in addition to choosing the email recipient (must be someone with access to your account) and a subject, you can add a message to go along with the notification. This is great for passing along leads to your colleagues.

email for sending a call tracking metrics call

The email will include information about the call as well as a links to listen to a WAV or MP3 recording of the call.

Hope this is helpful. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.