Integrating with Marketo for Fun and Profit

by CallTrackingMetrics

With Marketo, your customers can visit your website with full behavior tracking, sign up for email campaigns, fill out beautiful forms… and then call your company and leave you with no way of matching the call to that data. This is because Marketo is a marketing automation platform with a strong focus on the Internet.

So, how can we track the metrics on these calls? With CallTrackingMetrics, of course! Simply install CallTrackingMetrics’ tracking code on your website, and we will use our advanced algorithm with over 50 heuristics to match an incoming call with a visitor on your website. Once we have that crucial link between visitor and caller established, it opens the door to integrating with the metrics provided by other companies on that same website.

This is why CallTrackingMetrics offers full bi-directional integration with Marketo. Whenever a call comes in through CallTrackingMetrics, we can create a new lead automatically in your Marketo Lead Database. If the lead already exists in Marketo, we can update it with information from our premium Caller ID service. If the lead calls a tracking number listed on your Marketo-based website, we will show Marketo’s lead information in your CallTrackingMetrics call log. And you can even save individual calls into Marketo in any form you want with the power of Marketo’s custom objects.

Once the integration between Marketo and CallTrackingMetrics is activated, your agents can continue to work entirely in Marketo without any adjustments to their workflow, while CallTrackingMetrics works quietly in the background to provide rich call information for each new lead that comes in through your system. Or perhaps Marketo can work in the background to enhance your CallTrackingMetrics workflow, who knows? Either way, your company wins.

Learn more about integrating with Marketo in our support documentation, and sign up for your CallTrackingMetrics account today.