Introducing Adaptive Outbound Dialing

by Jason Smith

Have you ever looked at your ringing phone and said to yourself “I don’t know anyone that would be calling me from that part of the country, so I’m not going to answer?”

Our new Adaptive Outbound Dialing feature gives you the ability to automatically select the most appropriate tracking number to be displayed as your outbound caller ID when you are making calls via our Softphone or through your CTM/Salesforce Open CTI Integration.

When the feature is enabled  and you select an outbound number to dial via the softphone our platform will automatically pick the tracking number with the matching area code to display as your outbound caller ID from your pool of available tracking numbers.

Users who have integrated CallTrackingMetrics with Salesforce’s Open CTI will have the ability click on a phone number related to a lead or opportunity and have our platform seamlessly and automatically pick a tracking number that matches the number they are dialing. This enables agents to create a virtual local presence on any sales call they are making in the US and Canada.  In addition, for internationally dialing it will also choose the best matching tracking number to reach your intended audience.

Adaptive Outbound Dialing is a great addition to the the other tools we offer like Live Listen, Conditional Routing, Customized Waiting Messages, and GeoContact that enable companies to manage the way their inbound and outbound calls are handled.   Stay tuned for even more great features and enhancements coming in Q2!