Linking Visitor Data to Call Data

by Todd Fisher

Call Tracking Metrics, aims to solve a very simple problem.

Where are my phone calls coming from?

The question, is fairly easy to answer with many phone numbers and by segmenting your traffic.   This is what Call Tracking Metrics does, it dynamically changes the phone number on your website to reflect the source of your visitor, e.g. “Google”, “Facebook”, …

What we would like to do is minimize the number of phone numbers and increase the amount of data.  To that end, last month, we quietly rolled out visitor tracking.  This feature allows us to track visitors to your website, similar to Google Analytics, but with higher resolution.

This week we rolled out an update to the call log that leverages this visitor data.   For Google, we can report the keywords used to find your website that lead to the phone call and for “Referral”, it allows us to report on the website the visitor came from.

In the call log, you’ll find some contextual tooltips that show case this new data.

So, now when you’re looking at the call data you can see that the call originated from a Google search, and in the case above using the search terms: “google phone tracker”.

We hope that you’ll find this feature useful and in the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out additional updates to the reports that incorporate more of this interesting data.