New Agency Call Tracking Dashboard

by Laure Fisher

Looking for a call tracking dashboard that shows both your agency-wide performance as well as client by client metrics?

We just put the finishing touches on a new agency dashboard to help our customers stay on top of the performance of each of their campaigns and accurately track the costs for their clients.

This new report is available in the reports menu.

New call tracking report for agencies to use to manage performance and costs.

Easily Export 

You can use “export usage” button to export full usage and cost information into a CSV file to use for your billing and reporting purposes.

Drill Into Client Accounts 

Quickly see top-line trends, usage and associated cost of each of your sub-accounts.

From the report, you can jump right into particular areas of each account such as settings, tracking numbers and reports.

Also, Did You Know? 

  • You can now move tracking numbers between sub-accounts yourself. Click the “all accounts” button when on the tracking numbers page and you will see an Account column appear with a “change account” option.
  • Want to block numbers across your agency? In the block number pop up box, choose to “block calls from this number across all my account”. No more blocking pains!