New Agency Features!

by Laure Fisher

We are excited to announce a new set of features we have rolled out to support marketing and advertising agencies using Call Tracking tracking for marketing agencies

  • Link Accounts: Once you create your agency profile, the system will look for any accounts that you already have with Call Tracking Metrics that have your email address listed as an administrator. It will prompt you to link those accounts to your new agency profile. If you have accounts you want to link that are not showing up, please ensure you are listed as an administrator of the account you want to link by going to the “manage users” page of the account.
  • Shared Billing: You will be able to enter in an agency credit card that can be used across all of your client accounts within “Agency Settings”. The available balances of the accounts you link will be carried over to your new agency available balance. Going forward, when you create a new account, you can choose to have the account be part of your shared billing.
  • One Step Whitelabeling: You can also now whitelabel Call Tracking Metrics pages for all of your accounts in one step within “Agency Settings”. Your clients will be seeing your brand consistently and you no longer have to do this for each account individually. The whitelabeling will even appear on reports that you schedule to be emailed from your account.
  • Agency Level Reporting: You will now have the ability to see an “all accounts” view of the call reports or just see data for one account. For example, you can now see the “calls by source” report for all of your clients in one graph or you can view it account by account.

Supporting agencies like yours is very important to us and we have many new features planned in the coming months. We hope that this first phase will make the Call Tracking Metrics service easier to use and even more valuable for your business.