Now Accepting Canadian Ports

by Laure Fisher

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For those who aren’t familiar yet with porting, it is the process of moving phone numbers from one phone carrier to another. Porting has long been been a critical feature for our US customers so that they can move phone numbers that they have with other phone carriers to CallTrackingMetrics to use as call tracking numbers. These numbers can be local or toll free, landline, VOIP or cellular. It’s a great way to consolidate your numbers in one place and keep those numbers you have had for a long time and are attached to.

We have created a porting process where there is no downtime and typically numbers port over within 2-3 weeks. We also don’t charge any fees for porting and any numbers that have been ported into our system can also be ported out if you ever need to stop using CallTrackingMetrics.

All around a great thing, right? The downside is that porting traditionally has only been available to our customers in the US. Today, we are very excited to announce that we now offer porting for local and toll free numbers in Canada. We have been in beta with this process for a while and we have been pleased with the turnaround time and response from the carriers involved.

Our hope is to be able to expand the porting option around the world to all of our customers so this is a great first step in the right direction.

How does the porting process work?

1) Start by going into your CTM account and request the port (Numbers—> Port Numbers). This allows you to pre-set up the number with the correct routing and source information so that as soon as it hits our system in a couple of weeks, it is set up correctly. You can even do bulk imports using a spreadsheet.

2) You will receive an email from the system asking for you to complete a one page letter of authorization and send that back to us. You also need to attach a copy of a recent bill from the current carrier of the number. Send both of those documents to (if we don’t receive these docs, we cannot start the porting process).

3) Our porting team will email you to confirm the process is starting and will keep you abreast of responses from the current carrier. You will receive a port date once the request is approved. This is the date when the numbers will be running on CTM.  Your number is not active on our network until you receive confirmation from our team that the port has been approved and the scheduled date has occurred.

4) Once the port has completed and you see your calls in your CTM account, you can cancel service with the previous carrier. Its important that you do not cancel service with the previous carrier until the port has completed and you see your calls routing on CTM.

Why would you want to port your number to CTM? porting fish

1) Once the number is on CTM, you will be able to have instant access to every call, every call recording and you can display the number dynamically on your website or place it in ads.

2) Often our monthly cost and per minute costs are much cheaper than what you would pay for the number to be on a traditional provider.

3) On CTM, your number is always accessible to you to make any routing changes you want and you also have the ability to customize IVR menus, scheduled based routing, virtual voicemail boxes, and call queues.

4) If you ever have an issue, you contact the service team at CTM not go through the complicated support systems at traditional providers. Have you called Verizon or AT&T lately? If so, you know what we mean.