Now Supporting Offline Tracking Sources

by Todd Fisher

We have recently added the ability to track multiple offline tracking sources. What this means is that now you can track how customers found your business through traditional marketing sources. For example: television, radio, billboards, signs on the road, direct mailers, print media, etc. Each different advertising source can be tracked with its own unique phone number.

Therefore, when you get a phone call to your business line, you now know that it came as a result of a direct mail piece or newspaper ad because the caller information and tracking source information will display in your report. You may also want to track the same marketing source, but learn the exact channel that is generating calls for your business.  For example, you can advertise one number on radio station 103.1 and a different phone number on 87.9. By broadcasting different numbers on each rado station you will be able to track which radio station is producing more phone calls.

We’re really excited about the possibilities that you may come up with. You can track as many offline marketing sources as you would like. You don’t even need your own website to be able to utilize offline tracking sources.

We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are!  Enjoy!