Organic and Paid Keyword Level Call Tracking

by Laure Fisher

We are excited to announce the launch of a new marketing feature available through our call tracking tool. The new feature, “Visitor Insights,” incorporates the final element of the SEO marketing cycle: keyword level tracking.

keyword level call tracking

Visitor Insights

Our new feature, “Visitor Insights,” goes beyond marketing channels to allow our users to track which keywords are working most effectively to draw customers to their websites and result in a call to their business. The best part about Visitor Insights is that it is included in our already extremely low pay-as-you-go pricing model. Visitor Insights will automatically track the keyword that generated the call when a user sets up any organic or paid tracking source and will automatically pull in the keyword for current customers who have these sources set-up.

How it Works

When Call Tracking Metrics users visit their Call Log, they will see a column entitled “Keywords.” When a specific keyword is clicked, the Visitor Insight data will open. The data will show users a list of their keywords, telling them how effective each keyword has been in generating traffic to a website that resulted in a call. The likelihood of keyword effectiveness is displayed as a percentage; the higher the percentage, the more likely that the keyword resulted in a call. For instance, if keyword A had a percentage of 75, and keyword B had a percentage of 10, the user would know that keyword A was most likely the search term that generated the call.

visitor insightsBy clicking more, Visitor Insights also allows the user to view which pages on the website the customer visited, in what order they visited each page and the time spent on each page. Visitor Insights allows users to easily collect keyword data and analyze patterns to determine which keywords are most effective at generating calls.

landing page analytics

Call Tracking Metrics’ developers have created a backend analytics system for determining keyword effectiveness. The system is able to track which keyword is connected to a call by correlating geography of the customer performing the search to the geography of the caller, and time of day for both the click and the call. Using these primary data points, the formula also factors in numerous other elements to determine the likelihood that keywords are working to generate calls.

When the Visitor Insights data is used in conjunction with the other Call Tracking Metrics data, it presents marketers with a complete picture of how a customer searches online, finds their business or organization, and completes a call. Marketers will now know exactly which organic and/or paid keywords are generating high call volume. They will know exactly how, and where, to spend their precious marketing dollars to get the most return on their investment.