Product Release April 2017

by Jessica Michaels

Presets for Everyone

Presets are now available for all Agency accounts! Presets are pre-defined settings which can be used to instantly configure records like tracking sources or call queues within your account.

Bulk Text Message Enhancements

We’ve improved the interface of our Bulk Text Messages to provide a clearer and more transparent status of inbound and outbound messages.

bulk text message log

Images of Text Message Error Message

  • Column to show messages delivered
  • Improved titles
  • List of error messages
  • Number of occurrences (how many times it has run so far)

Better Desktop Notifications

Customizable desktop notifications allow you to select which notifications you’d like to receive for inbound/outbound calls and inbound/outbound texts. Desktop notifications are set at the agent level. 

Image of desktop notification options

Access Control Groups

Image of Access control search options


Access level groups make it easy to search and filter by agent. These groups contain:

    • search and filter capability
    • version history
    • presets
    • a list identifying which agents are in/not in a particular group

Workflows: SmartRouter Triggers

Test button feature lets you test complex workflows against a previous call to verify success. Just select a past call to confirm whether the call would successfully trigger your Smart Router workflow.

Smart Router Test Button Example