Salesforce Integration!

by Laure Fisher

We just rolled out the ability for you to integrate your Call Tracking Metrics account directly with your Salesforce account. This linkage enables all of your important call tracking information to sync directly into Salesforce so that it is integrated into your customer and sales lead records.

How does it work? 

Each time a phone call comes in through one of your Call Tracking Metrics tracking numbers, our system will look for that person in your Salesforce account.

  • If we find a match, we will place the call (along with all of the rich information about that call- the source of the call, keyword, caller location etc.) as an activity for that contact in Salesforce.
  • If we do not find a match, we will create a lead for that caller and pass all of the call information into the new lead record in salesforce.

You can choose to have this sync happen automatically, or you can choose to sync each call manually as they come.

As the calls are passed as leads or activities, they will be tracked back to the campaign that generated the call so that, in Salesforce, you will be able to see all the people that responded to each of your campaigns.

You can also choose to sync past calls to Salesforce so that you catch up on all the calls that have previously come in through your tracking numbers.

Why is this great?

  1. You will now be able to track how many people responded to each of your campaigns right in Salesforce.
  2. Your call records will be seamlessly integrated into all of the information about each of your customers/leads.
  3. In realtime, your reps will see the calls appear in Salesforce, so they will be able to access the call information as they are on the phone.
  4. Leads will automatically be generated for each new caller, so they will immediately be put into the pipeline process so that they can be responded to, assigned to a rep etc.

How do I start? 

This integration is available through our “platinum” plan. Check your plan, and if you aren’t already on the platinum plan, you can upgrade easily.

You need to have at least a Salesforce enterprise account.

You can set up the integration on the “account settings” page. Its a simple 2- step process and will be up and running in seconds.

Choose your syncing parameters (for example- only sync calls as leads that are over 45 seconds etc)

and thats it!

PLUS- Dont forget that you can use all of our advanced routing features such as IVR menus, scheduled receiving number routing, geo-routing etc. This allows you to never miss a call, and creates a professional, smooth experience for your callers.

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