Using Slack? Let’s Connect!

by CallTrackingMetrics

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Integrate your CallTrackingMetrics and Slack Accounts

Our development team is always working hard to build new and stronger integrations with the apps and software you use every day.

Slack is a cloud-based software that focuses on team collaboration tools and services. It continues to gain popularity across different industries. In fact, we know that many of our users are using Slack as project collaboration tool already.

That's why we're particularly excited to announce our new integration with Slack!

CTM integration with Slack

When you connect your Slack account with CallTrackingMetrics, you'll be able to use simple commands to see which of your colleagues are online, or currently on calls.

CTM integration with Slack

Your CTM integration will be visible inside the Slack app, with updates that will keep you aware of your team's activities and progress.

Slack, the app that keeps you connected to your workplace, can now be connected to CallTrackingMetrics, the app that keeps you connected to the world. What are you waiting for?

Set up your Slack integration now!