Now Offering SMS Functionality on Tracking Numbers

by Laure Fisher

You can now activate any US/Canada tracking numbers to send and receive text messages. For example, ask your customers to text different codes to your phone number and set up automatic triggers so that they get auto- responses (emails, text messages etc) back and you can get immediate email notifications via email. This is a whole new way to engage your prospects/customers!

Step 1: Activate

Go to “SMS Settings” to choose the tracking numbers you want activated to send/receive SMS messages. SMS message rates range from 2 to 3 cents depending on which plan you are on.


Step 2: Set Up Triggers

You can choose for a variety of automatic triggers (responses) to happen each time someone texts one of your numbers with a particular pattern. For example, every time someone texts you “#1”, you could send a text back to them with more info and you could have an email automatically sent to your inbox alerting you to the text.

Set up SMS triggers

Step 3: Monitor 

Each time a text comes in, you’ll immediately see it appear in your “SMS Log” . You’ll see important information like the caller name/number, responses that were sent, and the content of the message

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 6.51.43 PM


Does this look helpful? If you’re not already a customer, you can get started now. Text message rates range from 2 to 3 cents depending on which plan you choose.