The Importance of Backup Payment

by CallTrackingMetrics

Here at CallTrackingMetrics we know that sometimes stuff happens with your credit card. It might get lost, stolen, compromised or even just canceled. When this happens, we know that sometimes you might forget where you have entered that credit card for payments and might forget to update to a new credit card. CallTrackingMetrics provides you a way to set a second card as a backup so if for some reason we are unable to charge your primary card, we can charge your back up card. We recommend doing this because, unfortunately, if you are unable to pay for your minutes or your number renewal, you will stop being able to receive calls or your numbers will get released, and no one wants that. We do send several emails to the admin(s) of the account if your card is about to expire or if we tried to charge it and it failed, but having a backup payment ensures that if you are away or ill then you will still continue to get calls and your numbers will not be released.

To set a backup payment, you will log into your CallTrackingMetrics account and go to Settings >> Billing settings. From there if you scroll down you can click on “add payment method.” There, you can add a secondary credit card.  Once that is added, you will want to make sure that you check the option to mark this card as the backup method.