Users Now Control How Long a Visitor is Cookied

by Todd Fisher

We are excited to announce a new feature that will make it much easier to test our tracking script on your site and allow you to specify how long you would like to cookie a visitor.  This new feature can be found in the account settings section under the Tracking Script Settings.

Through the use of browser cookies, our script can keep track of how a visitor originally found your website, and continue to show them the same phone number that they saw the first time they came to your site. This means that if they originally found your website through Facebook, they would continue to see your tracking number associated with Facebook upon subsequent visits to your site.

By default, we cookie a visitor for 30 days to ensure accurate tracking from where a visitor came from in case they do not immediately call your business. We are now allowing you to determine exactly how long you want to cookie your visitors. This setting is helpful for users who want to track if a referring website generates a call within a specific timeframe. For example, you may want to set your cookie duration based on the timeframe of a promotion. If you start marketing the promotion 45 days before it expires you may want to set your cookie duration to 45 days.  You will track anyone who found the promotion through a tracking source set-up in your account and will be able to accurately attribute the call to the promotion.

Another benefit of allowing users to set their Cookie Duration is for testing that tracking numbers are swapping correctly. Since our default is to cookie a visitor for 30 days, when a user tries to test that a number is correctly showing based on the referring URL, they would have to use different browsers or clear their cookies. By setting your Cookie Duration to zero, your cookies will be disabled and you will now be able to test the tracking script in one browser for each of the tracking sources that you have set-up in your account.  We recommend that after you have tested the tracking script, you set the cookie duration back to 30 days or the timeframe of your choosing.