What You Need to Know About Regulatory Requirements for Tracking Numbers

by CallTrackingMetrics

As you may be aware, governments around the world are taking action on regulations put in place surrounding the use of phone numbers. These regulations are designed to counteract the misuse and abuse of numbers, as well as to support enhanced security measures and protect customers.

How does this impact me?

CallTrackingMetrics is obligated to ensure that the numbers we provide are assigned and used in a manner that’s consistent with local government regulations. We want you to be aware of what you need in order to remain in compliance and to avoid disruption to your numbers.

Even if this doesn’t currently impact you and your local laws, it’s good to take note as that may change in the near future. We are working closely with our partner carriers to ensure that you will be notified as soon as action is required for your account. We’re encouraging customers to be proactive about collecting their documentation to offset any issues down the line, as we have observed an uptick in enforcement occurring within a short time frame.

We want you to be familiar with the upcoming changes, however there is no action required at this time. In the event these regulations apply to you, our team will contact you with instructions on what’s needed and how to submit your information.

What will I need to do?

In order to remain in compliance, most regulations require you to submit identity documentation for the end user(s) making and/or receiving calls with all of your tracking numbers. This is often a government-issued identity document for the legal representative of the company (e.g. passport, national ID) and/or the company’s business registration document.

However, these requirements vary by country. Check into your local country’s regulations to learn more about what may be required. We will continue to update this post as we receive information pertaining to countries impacted.

Which countries are impacted?

Various countries have different phone number regulatory requirements. See the complete list on our regulatory guidelines page.

We will keep you updated as more countries begin to take action and will send email notifications with instructions if it impacts you directly. Contact us here with any questions!