White Label Marketing Kit for Agencies

by Erika Rollins

Expanding agency offerings to include call tracking shouldn’t be stressful, but we also know how challenging it can be to present the added value and benefits in a clear and concise way.  So, our call tracking experts have created a marketing kit to help agencies educate and promote the service to clients.

Our white label marketing kit contains two files that are available for download: a PDF one-pager that serves as a call tracking overview, and a PPT deck that outlines service offerings in more detail. These files can be branded with your logo and contact information, and modified to fit your agency’s needs.

Download Instructions:

  1. Log in to your CTM Account (you must have an agency account)
  2. Go to Settings > Agency Settings
  3. Then, select Marketing Kit in the left sidebar menu
  4. Follow the links to download the assets

We will add new collateral to the marketing kit as it becomes available.