CallTrackingMetrics honored as a finalist for the Chesapeake Regional Tech Councils’ Rising Star Award.

by Jessica Michaels

CallTrackingMetrics was honored to be nominated for such a prestigious award. The award ceremony took place at the BWI Hilton on April 28th; the event was the festive and special agent, James Bond themed. All attends dressed in their finest bond gear;  The gents in their best suits and skinny ties and the ladies glammed up with their red lipstick and heels. In addition to the theme, all attendees received James Bond themed sunglasses as door prizes.

CallTrackingMetrics, Protenus and Yet Analytics were all finalist for the Rising Star Award. The Rising Star Award recognizes a fast growing, high achiever in the regional technology community. Rising Star companies are likely on their way to Tech Company of the Year. They have hot technology, they are innovative and fast growing and typically sport an awesome team.

Although CallTrackingMetrics didn’t take home the award, as a first-year member of the CRTC, we are honored to have been nominated and look forward to next year.

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