CallTrackingMetrics Introduces Enhanced Onboarding and Billing Plans for Customers

by CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics, a leading provider of conversation intelligence software, announces new onboarding and billing plans for customers to accelerate their launch on the platform and save. The introduction of the Fast Track and Switch ‘n Save programs, along with an annual pre-pay option, signify the next step in CTM’s commitment to providing premium, unmatched service to their customer base.

Supporting the most urgent needs of new customers, Fast Track packs will pair businesses with a dedicated implementation manager at CTM, who will fully handle the configuration of their systems to ensure they are set up to achieve their organization’s goals as quickly as possible. CTM will also provide consultation around best practices and trends in specific industries to ensure customers are maximizing their partnership.

Businesses currently working with other software providers can also take advantage of this premium onboarding experience through the Switch ‘n Save program. Understanding the challenges of migrating from one platform to another, CTM developed the Switch ‘n Save program to grant transitioning customers the same advanced implementation support—including a dedicated point person to handle porting a business’ existing numbers over and any reconfiguration of systems—along with a waiver of the first two months’ subscription fees.

Of this new program, Jeremy Wingate, Director of Customer Success, shares, “We’re truly dedicated to making sure our customers’ experience using our service is as seamless and cost-effective as possible. With Switch ‘n Save, we provide clients who may have limited resources a smooth transition onto our platform, while also eliminating the need for them to pay for more than one provider at one time.”

Lastly, existing CTM customers now have the option to pre-pay their plan for the year and receive a discount.

“It’s never been easier to save time and money with CTM,” adds Wingate. “Whether a business is brand new to our software, or an existing customer looking to streamline their budget for the new year, these packages help us set each and every one of our customers up for success on our platform.”

To learn more about these programs and sign up today, visit or call 800-577-1872.