Press Release: No more asking how did you hear about us, call tracking specialized for the home improvement industry.

by Jessica Michaels

No more asking “how did you hear about us?” Have the answer before you answer the phone so you can make the most of every call. CallTrackingMetrics specializes in call tracking for home improvement companies, allowing them to capture crucial information about leads before they even pick up the phone. While many experts predicted that the phone would be a dying communication channel for businesses, recent studies show that more shoppers use the phone as their preferred way to investigate a company. This is particularly true for service industries, like home improvement.

CallTrackingMetrics provides home improvement companies with tracking phone numbers for all of their marketing channels so that they can place those numbers in their advertisements and on their website dynamically. When the phone rings, the business will know who is calling, which marketing channel led the caller to them, and previous interactions with this caller. Home improvement companies can track TV, radio, print, business cards, flyers, billboards, and any online advertising campaigns like PPC, display, banner and organic efforts. For online call tracking CallTrackingMetrics provides the detail of the website visitor that is making each phone call – including the keyword the caller searched when they found the website or online ad, the landing page and the referring site. This information is incredibly valuable for optimizing online campaigns, SEO efforts and website funnels.

To further suit home improvement businesses large and small, CallTrackingMetrics is equipped with advanced tools like geographic routing which routes callers to the location closest to them. Call Center features allow for the routing of calls to queues of agents,  preferred routing to agents with higher closing rates and routing calls to the agent that last spoke with them.  In addition to seeing the marketing channel that drove each call, home improvement companies can see which channels are resulting in closed sales- and which agents in particular are closing the most sales.

Another reason CallTrackingMetrics is a perfect fit for the home improvement industry is the ability to provide tracking numbers for each canvasser (door to door salesman). As soon as the call comes in, it is credited to the correct canvasser that generated it. Never lose credit for a lead again! Utilizing the call scoring also helps managers identify who’s bringing quality leads and who is generating the most in sales.

CallTrackingMetrics, founded in 2008 by Todd and Laure Fisher, was launched to assist advertising agencies and businesses track which advertising sources are converting into phone calls. They have developed a unique algorithm to match exact website visitors to phone calls. CallTrackingMetrics has since evolved from a small phone call tracking company to an international leader in the industry; providing in depth call tracking and call center routing services to over 20,000 companies in over 30 countries worldwide, and have tracked millions of phone calls.

CallTrackingMetrics has gained much of its popularity for their excellent customer service, easy to use software and ability to integrate with major services such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Salesforce, Optimizely and WordPress.