Release Notes

CTM Weekly Digest: December 7, 2018

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’re constantly working to improve our product here at CallTrackingMetrics.

The following updates should be rolling out next week:

  • Make calls directly from Zoho: We’ve added a new feature to our Zoho CRM integration that will allow you to manage calls directly from the Zoho platform. Simply go to your CTM Integrations > Zoho settings to enable the feature in your account where it says “Zoho Phonebridge Support.” Then, within your Zoho platform, you’ll be able to click a new green button next to your contact name to start a CTM-powered call!
  • Custom campaign mapping to Salesforce: Currently, calls are associated to the Salesforce campaign linked to your tracking source—however, soon you’ll be able to override that within your Salesforce triggers if you want to direct to a custom campaign instead.