Release Notes

CTM Weekly Digest: February 15, 2019

by CallTrackingMetrics

We are constantly working to improve our platform, and are pleased to announce that the following enhancements will be released next week:

  • New token: There’s a new addition to the tokens that you can choose from! Now, when selecting tokens to personalize your automated messages and notifications, you can choose “Agent Name” as an option.
  • More intuitive editing process: We’ve just made it easier to edit your account settings! When working within a settings page—whether Tracking Numbers, Queues, Users, etc.—you can now click on the title of what you’re working within to easily select another item of the same type.
  • Enable agents to change availability: You can now choose to allow your agents to toggle their availability within specific queues. If this is enabled, your agents will see a new button on their softphone that allows them to set their status via a drop-down menu. An indicator on that button will show the agent if they are only logged into some of the available queues. Admins can also view their agent’s status within different queues by navigating to the Real-time Agents Dashboard.