Release Notes

CTM Weekly Digest: June 1, 2018

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’re constantly working to improve our product here at CallTrackingMetrics, which often means making changes to what you see while using our platform.

The following updates will start to roll out this coming week:

  • DTMF tones: Use the Digits & Waits (DTMF) “voice” to play any sequence of digits (0-9) with pauses/waits. 
  • Export data to multiple contacts: Send call and text log data to multiple users through our export feature, using comma separated addresses.

  • Exit Desk Mode: When you are ready to close out of Desk Mode, the button label now clearly states “Exit Desk Mode”.
  • Sending trigger data via email: We’re increasing the character limit from 255 to 1024 in the “Send Email” field under Triggers to make it easier to send the information you want.

  • More 888 phone numbers: You’ll find a large inventory of 888 phone numbers available now for US and Canada.