Release Notes

CTM Weekly Digest: June 29, 2018

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’re constantly working to improve our product here at CallTrackingMetrics, which often means making changes to what you see while using our platform.

The following updates will start to roll out this coming week:

  • We’re lowering our text rates: Customers in the US and Canada will see their inbound and outbound per-message rates lower to $.014 for Performance plans, $.012 for Growth plans, and $.010 for Connect plans.
  • Additions to the tracking numbers report: When you export your tracking numbers page, you’ll now see the routing path of your calls and their designated failsafe numbers.
  • Softphone and Salesforce Lightning: We’ve made a few improvements to the way the CTM Softphone functions within the Salesforce Lightning platform.
  • More clarity on your bill: The account usage report will now display both a “Usage” and a “Billable Usage” column, along with a breakdown of additional charges like encryption. This will make it easier to account for long text messages that are broken into 160 character segments.