Release Notes

CTM Weekly Digest: May 18, 2018

by CallTrackingMetrics


We’re constantly working to improve our product here at CallTrackingMetrics, which often means making changes to what you see while using our platform. To make sure you’re always up-to-date, we’re going to start listing these enhancements in a quick weekly digest.  Generally, these updates will be live in our app by Monday morning.

Here’s whats new this week:

  • Good news for big teams: We’ve upgraded the way missed calls are counted on the agency dashboard. Now, only the calls that fail to connect to any of your agents will count as “missed”.
  • Custom fields just got a little more logical: Instead of seeing all of your custom fields listed together, they can now sorted in to similar groups of fields based on your choosing. You can also set certain fields to only appear based on triggered events, such as a conversion value.
  • We can send your ecommerce events: You can now choose to send standard ecommerce events to your Google Analytics account by utilizing our triggers.
  • Another great security feature: Users of our Contact Center plans may now create a whitelist of IP addresses from which their users will be allowed to access their CallTrackingMetrics accounts.