Release Notes

CTM Weekly Digest: October 19, 2018

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’re constantly working to improve our product here at CallTrackingMetrics.

The following updates should be rolling out next week:

  • Streamline your DNC lists: When adding phone numbers to your Do Not Call list, you’ll now notice a checkbox that enables you to simultaneously add those number to your Do Not Text list. Additionally, you’ll see a similar checkbox allowing you to add a number to the Do Not Call list when you add them to the Do Not Text list.

    This will save your agents time, and reduce the chances of unwanted contact.
  • More export options:Look for new options when exporting your call log, including separate export formats for Facebook offline conversions (allowing you to perform bulk uploads) and Google Ads calls with (or without) session data for call extensions. 
  • New languages for Enhanced Transcriptions: Now, toggling “Enhanced Transcriptions” on will enable you to transcribe your calls in 90 new language options, including Swedish, Japanese, and Portuguese! Of course, this means that your other tools, like Keyword Spotting, will be able to function in those languages.