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What Happens When Your Business Expands Faster Than Your Phone System?

by CallTrackingMetrics

The Journey of Anew Era, a Highly Successful Treatment Center


So Many Calls, So Little Time

Anew Era is a mental health treatment center in Southern California. They’ve been growing quickly, but did not have a system in place to manage phone inquiries. In fact, they used a single phone number for all incoming calls!

Now, when we say “growing quickly”, we mean it – in fact, at the time of this publication Anew Era had five new locations in the works! When they found CallTrackingMetrics, they needed a call management system, and they needed it fast.

Anew Era wanted a platform that would not only allow them to direct calls to multiple phone lines, but also help them determine which marketing campaign drove those calls, and provide active training to the treatment specialists who would answer the lines.

Sounds like a tall order, right? Well, there is one platform that can provide all those services and more: CallTrackingMetrics.

Life after CallTrackingMetrics

Now that they are using the CallTrackingMetrics application to replace their phone system and handle tracking of marketing accounts, they’re able to focus their advertising budget on effective campaigns. Anew Era is able to rest in the confident knowledge that they are actively saving money by using CallTrackingMetrics.

Anew Era has been taking advantage of the call queues to direct calls to multiple lines, and ensure that all phone inquiries are being answered. They’ve been using the tracking sources, buying and allocating multiple dynamic phone numbers to track exactly which marketing campaigns are working, and which aren’t.

Another feature that has really worked for Anew Era are the recordings of all incoming and outgoing calls. They’re able to listen to those recordings to monitor the quality of customer service provided to potential and current patients. Based on the recordings, Anew Era can provide ongoing training to the treatment specialists who answer calls. They’re excited to watch the development of both their Call Center and Marketing departments!

The Takeaway

When asked what advice she would give to a business owner trying to decide whether or not they should implement CallTrackingMetrics, CEO and founder Suzanne Jessee said:

The benefits of CTM are significant and can help your business gain the control you need to spend and manage smarter.

Anew Era is a mental health treatment center in Southern California, founded by Suzanne Jessee, a clinician, inspirational and educational speaker, and meditation guru. Suzanne is the author of Escape Anxiety: 8 Steps to Freedom Through Meditative Therapies. Learn more at: