Post Legal Marketing Association Conference (LMA) Roundup

by Erika Rollins

We are back from the Legal Marketing Association Conference in Vegas and it was a great time, very well supported event.  What a fun and sharp audience!  The team worked the booth, meeting marketing directors, BDMs, and vendors that support law firms.  This was our first time attending a legal conference and as our clients within this industry continue to increase, we are glad we did.   

It is always interesting to me to hear the booth visitors first impressions of our platform.  At the LMA, most visitors simply asked, ‘what is call tracking’, waiting for the elevator pitch.  The audience seemed to understand how our platform can provide attribution back to specific advertising sources based on the phone calls coming into the firm.

There was that moment when you could see that the booth visitor understood the primary functionality– that ‘aha’.  And then, just as quickly the product was dismissed.  Many of the folks from smaller firms rely on referrals or content to drive leads and they have a small marketing budget- if any at all.

Personal injury and class action firms were some of our first clients in the legal field, but more increasingly smaller firms and business facing practices are becoming our customers.  Yes, they have smaller budgets, but they push content to inform their clients as well as host networking events to engage and they need to know which efforts are driving calls.  Many of our firms have also been using our SMS feature to send clients quick updates on new legislation, legal webinars, or reminders of events.

Of course, integrations with CRMs allow for the call information to append to each record creating visibility on a touch point that is often a blind spot; a call.  Having access to a call record and having it live within the client record houses all of the client touch points in one view.  Being able to review the call if necessary can make a difference in the client relationship and their levels of satisfaction with the firm.

In short, CallTrackingMetrics can provide attribution on not only paid advertising, but any content, social media, or events that trigger calls. Our text feature can help you communicate with clients and engage them in real time. And our call management features can help your firm route calls and provide consistent records on client activity.  
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