What I learned at LeadsCon Las Vegas 2016

by Bob Graw

The first thing I learned when we attended LeadsCon is that the hotels in Las Vegas are so incredibly huge. It definitely took 10 minutes to walk from my room to the expo floor. And, by design, the maze of the casino made getting there even more fun. As a result of the maze, I also learned that it’s apparently okay to wear your hotel issued robe to the casino.

What I learned while manning our booth is that “Call Tracking” is still new to a lot of people. If Call Tracking is not a new concept, a lot of the people were unaware that there are platforms (like CallTrackingMetrics) that do the heavy lifting. Some people “roll” their own using DIDs. Others do it through their VOiP provider. Some of those solutions integrate with CRMs like SalesForce or HubSpot. But they usually cannot connect the dots between the ad click, the visitor, and the call.

The people that were currently doing Call Tracking and found us were generally surprised with all that we offered versus their current platform or our competitors on the floor. In general, it appears that most Call Tracking providers provide a limited set of options.

For instance, we’re very happy to just be the “front end” providing phone numbers, doing dynamic number swapping, tracking the visitor to the call, and connecting the call. We have lots of customers that use our simplest features.

But, I was surprised to hear about the other vendors and their limited routing options (the middle of our platform.) They don’t offer voice menus or call queues. They don’t have the ability to flexibly route the calls based on schedules, call location (geographic routing and our new GeoContact), or conditional call routing.

A lot of people were very interested in using our softphone. Some wanted to use it for our local outbound capabilities. But, at LeadsCon, most were interested in using the softphone for their agents and queues and both in and outbound calls.

Last, but not least, I think our pricing transparency was new to most of our booth visitors. So many of the other vendors “bundle” their numbers and minutes elsewhere in their product offerings. At first, our price per minute seemed “scary.” But, after they realized we don’t charge per user (or agent or seat), it became very clear that they could save money, get more features, be more local, and generally be more intelligent about their phone numbers and calls.