A Quick Overview of Call Tracking Metrics Integration with Google Analytics – Video Blog

by Jessica Michaels

Here is a quick overview of the five key factors of CallTrackingMetrics Integration with Google Analytics which will send your PPC phone calls into Google Adwords as conversions.

  1. Link your CallTrackingMetrics account up with your Google account. To accomplish this, you must be logged into your Google account in another tab or browser. This ensures that our software will be able to recognize and link to your account. You will have to approve of CTM Linking to your Google property.
  2. Calls = Events in Analytics. It’s important to understand where CTM sends your tracking number phone calls into your analytics account. CTM will send all your tracking number phone calls into analytics as events; these events can be found under the behaviors tab> Events> Events Overview.
  3. Goals – for your Call Events to pull through into Adwords as conversions you’ll need to set up goals around these events. CTM provides documentation on how to set up the goals.
  4. Linking your Analytics account to your Adwords accounts. It may seem silly, but this step is commonly overlooked. If the two accounts are not linked, then they will not be able to pass information back and forth between the accounts.
  5. Import your goals from Analytics into Adwords as conversions. Once your goals have started completing your Adwords account will recognize them and the Import from Google Analytics button will become highlighted. Click the button and your goals created around your events (which are your phone calls) will be counted in AdWords as conversions.

If you would like more information on CallTrackingMetrics integration with Google, please sign up for one of our webinars.