[Webinar] CTM Year in Review and 2020 Preview

by CallTrackingMetrics

2019 has been an incredible year for CallTrackingMetrics and our customers. We’ve introduced a new live chat product, launched a direct integration with Google Ads, and made countless other product and feature enhancements including building a handful of truly impactful integrations.

Our team moves quickly and we’re constantly looking ahead to build the next big thing for your business. As such, we hope you’ll join us for our annual roadmap webinar for the opportunity to hear directly from our CEO and COO, Todd Fisher and Laure Fisher, about the themes that drove our team forward in developing products this year, and get a sneak peek at what we’re looking to build in 2020.

We’ll review:

  • The essential products, integrations, and feature enhancements we launched in 2019, including live chat and our Google Ads direct integration
  • What trends businesses like yours are finding in the call tracking and contact center space, and how we’re building products to optimize for them
  • What’s next on our product roadmap and wish list!

Watch the Recording:

About Our Speakers

Todd Fisher is Co-Founder and CEO of CallTrackingMetrics. Todd developed the initial software and as the CEO he continues to be the driving technical force of the company. Prior to CallTrackingMetrics, Todd co-founded SimoSoftware as well as Captico LLC, which provided online software solutions for small businesses looking to accelerate their marketing and online presence.

Laure Fisher is Co-Founder and COO of CallTrackingMetrics. Her experience in telephony technology, process management, and marketing strategies has given Laure great perspective in enabling companies to increase conversions and customer engagement. Prior to CallTrackingMetrics, Laure was a founding partner and VP, Marketing and Client Services for Captico LLC as well as a Senior Director with the Corporate Executive Board, where she worked closely with customers across a variety of industries helping them translate conversations into impact.