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How an Eco-Tourism Agency found an “All-in-One Solution” for their Reservation Center

by CallTrackingMetrics

Call Tracking for Marketing Attribution

I’m a marketing guy through and through, and I originally came to CallTrackingMetrics looking to solve a marketing attribution issue for our travel and tourism business. For me, I thought the whole marketing component of call tracking was really just solving the ROI issue and monitoring which channels were working. But, it’s so much more than that.

As a large travel company with multiple offices, we try to use the latest tools and technology to track, measure, and optimize every dollar spent on our marketing initiatives. And, our company takes it to a whole new level by trying to capture every single touch point in the customer journey, and attributing those specific touch points back to a client reservation.

Also, there are different attribution models based on where the guest started in the sales funnel. You have the top of the funnel, the middle of the funnel, and the bottom of the funnel. The challenge is trying to determine how to target guests in these various phases.

Our Challenge

We spend a lot of money on marketing and the number one goal is that our marketing initiative needs to translate into a booked reservation, that we can then translate into revenue. In order to accomplish this, we need to measure both online initiatives and offline initiatives and identify exactly where our customers are coming from. From here, we can measure and optimize campaign spend, based on performance.

The CallTrackingMetrics Solution

We started using CTM in our reservation center and created standard operating procedures where the reservation agents score the calls and enter a revenue amount, right inside the call log. So, when a customer books a tour with us and it was $350, the agent scores the call using the star-rating system and enters the cost into the call log interface.

Now we’re able to track revenue on a call-by-call basis and attribute revenue to the total return on marketing and advertising spend each month. We’re able to assign specific tracking numbers to each ad and campaign across all offices, so that we know whether somebody clicked our ad and went to the website, picked up the phone and called us from a static ad, and whether they actually booked a reservation.

This process allows us to easily adjust acquisition costs across some of these channels, because we’re aggregating both the online booking revenue and the offline call-to-book revenue, simultaneously. Combining our data and being able to look at the big picture is extremely valuable for us.


The real A-ha moment was realizing the sheer volume of calls, and watching how well some of our marketing initiatives were working. CallTrackingMetrics allows us to compare conversion rates to conversion rate percentages, which we use to monitor and compare all marketing initiatives.

When we have certain campaigns that have higher conversion rates, we dig in and look at the data and start evaluating what’s working and how we can repeat this in other campaigns. Whether it’s the design, messaging, or call to action—we can perform some A/B testing and then apply that logic to lower performing campaigns.

Call tracking really gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace too; just knowing the information and being able to analyze that data every month is essential for us.

Moving past marketing attribution and into a phone system

Before CallTrackingMetrics, we were using a typical old, clunky, legacy system for our reservation center. When we were comparing new phone systems, it made sense to take a closer look at CTM, since it’s an all-in-one solution. The decision was simple—move to CTM’s Softphone. The pricing was right and it allowed us to integrate the phone system itself and the call tracking platform for our reservation agents. We’ve been successfully utilizing the full CTM platform since early 2016, and we couldn’t be happier. Our reservation agents transition from call to call with ease and have access to amazing customer profile data to enhance every conversation.

We recommend CallTrackingMetrics to any business who receives phone calls. Not only will you be able to optimize all of your marketing and advertising campaigns, but you will have visibility into agent performance, advanced ROI reporting tools, and a complete phone system that works from any location.

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Skyline Eco-Adventures is the United States’ 1st zipline company, founded in 2002 on Maui, Hawaii, by father and son, Buck and Danny Boren. Skyline’s first location, the Haleakala Skyline Tour, is located on Historic Haleakala Ranch in beautiful upcountry Maui.

Come and see why Hawaii Magazine Readers voted Skyline Eco-Adventures as “Hawaii’s Best Land Activity Company.” We are thrilled to welcome guests on any of our adventures located on Maui, the Big Island, or Kauai. Are you ready to take the leap?
Thomas Kratsch
Director of Marketing