The Lead Reseller’s Technology Wish List

Your profitability depends on generating solid leads, making informed decisions about those leads, and distributing them efficiently. Doing all of this in a cost effective manner requires tools to help you drive efficiency and hone your lead generation efforts.

  • How to automate lead distribution
  • How to set custom pricing
  • How to make your technology wish list a reality


About CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics' award-winning phone system provides thousands of businesses around the world the tools they need to track, manage, and optimize their phone calls so they can increase conversions. From understanding which advertising campaigns are generating phone calls to routing and monitoring calls for their contact center, CallTrackingMetrics allows businesses to transform phone communication into powerful intelligence. Integrations with systems like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics ensure that calls are seamlessly integrated into existing reporting.