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10 Reasons Why Sales Managers Love CTM

by Merry Keane

The majority of our clients have come to us looking to find the source of their calls so they can make real time actionable decisions regarding their marketing campaigns. Not only have they learned to fine tune their campaigns by using CallTrackingMetrics but they’re gaining visibility into what’s going on within these calls and best practices for handling them to increase revenue.

Here’s 10 reasons why sales managers love us and how they use CallTrackingMetrics as a tool to increase their sales:

Call Recordings
Your call recordings are a fantastic way to review calls with your team to provide coaching and feedback. Not to mention, have you ever taken down an email address incorrectly or can’t remember what you quoted and wished you could go back in time to verify? Now you can!

Logo2Call Conversions
Your agents have the ability to mark their calls as converted with a dollar amount. They can enter this into the call log or key it in on their keypad during a post call survey. This information will feed into Google AdWords and your reporting within CallTrackingMetrics.

Logo3Live Listen
Can’t wait until the call is over to hearing the recording? Now you don’t have to! Jump in and listen to your calls live using live listen as they’re happening.

Logo4Call Tags
Tag your different types of calls using call tags. So if you want to track a certain product, promotion, or a great lead you want to follow up on, you’ll be able to filter your reporting using these tags.

Logo5Emailing from the call log
Your sales team can send an email to follow up with the caller right from their call log.

 Logo6Salesforce Integration
Automatically sync your calls with your Salesforce account. As a call comes in, we’ll attached the activity to the contact record. If the person is a new caller, we’ll create a new lead or contact for you and include all the call information.

Logo7Historical Reporting
Track your agents’ activity with our reporting. See the number of calls taken by each agent and the number converted. Review your call reports to determine the busiest day of week and hour of day for scheduling purposes.

Logo8Intelligent Routing
By using our Call Queues you’ll be able to give pass calls to agents by specialty or by rank.

Logo9Never Miss a Call
Our reporting will show you the status of each call. Receive an email or text after each missed call.

Logo10Take the office with you
By downloading our app, you can make outbound calls, get quick snapshot reporting, and review your recordings.

By using CallTrackingMetrics, sales managers will gain better insight into what’s happening before, during, and after each call. This will give you the knowledge needed streamline your sales processes and refine your strategies. Leading to a more productive and efficient sales team, an enhanced caller experience, and increased revenue.

If you want to learn more about what CallTrackingMetrics can do to help your marketing and sales teams, request a demo or call us at 410-695-6939.