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How to get the most out of a free trial

by CallTrackingMetrics

What’s the best way to maximize the value of a free trial?

We know that we’re not the only platform who provides a free trial, and that makes sense; trial periods are a great way to see if software is right for you without fully committing to payment.

However, that trial period is finite, so it’s crucial to ensure that you get a rich software experience within a short time frame. CallTrackingMetrics tries to ease the transition as much as possible by offering a-la-carte pricing with no contracts, but, regardless, we still want to make sure that our trials are a worthwhile experience.

Our in-house expert on this subject is Kate Preston, our Business Development Representative and the first point of contact for new users during trials. We sat down with Kate this morning to obtain her valuable insight into how to best maximize the value of a free trial account.

Kate, you work with people who sign up for a free trial with CTM. What’s your best advice for getting the most out of a 14-day trial account?

The 14-day free trial is a valuable tool to provide you with proof of concept for source attribution and call management based on your company’s unique strategy. Here are some pointers to maximize your trial period.

  • Get real. We provide you with a credit to purchase real tracking numbers that you can use for inbound and outbound calls. You’ll get much more value out of your trial if you configure your account with actual campaigns and your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts. The trial is un-gated and gives you the ability to send and receive real data from your calls to our network of integrations partners.
  • Involve your key players. Your IT department will have different requirements and considerations than your digital marketing department or call center agents. It’s important that these departments work in concert during the trial period to assure that you are addressing all of your organization’s needs.
  • Schedule a trial account review. Once you’ve tackled the basics, your Account Executive is happy to take you on a guided tour of our advanced features like keyword spotting, call triggers, and the workhorse smart dialer. In just 30 minutes we can show you how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Could I have a free trial of any plan, or are there specific plans available for the free trial?

CallTrackingMetrics supports a broad range of customers and uses, so the trial period is available for all of our plans. You can test anything from simple call forwarding and number acquisition, to building comprehensive outbound dialer campaigns.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Your Account Executive is here to help you identify the plan and specific features that can help you meet your organization’s call tracking and contact center needs. Let’s start with a brief, consultative demo today to get you pointed in the right direction.

How does the free trial work – can I actually add users and buy numbers?

Just as with any paid account, you have the ability to add users and tracking/DID numbers to your trial account. It’s important that you kick the tires and get some real-life application during your trial. We highly encourage you to configure integrations like Google Adwords, Salesforce or Hubspot, as well as to test our feature-rich softphone so you can prepare your organization for a successful implementation with our Onboarding department.

How about international or ported numbers?

We support number porting only on subscribed accounts. We recommend that you launch your trial with a readily available number through our platform to gain proof of concept, and then we can accept your porting request once you have converted to a paid subscription. You can absolutely add international numbers during your trial period, but be advised that some countries’ regulations require a more lengthy application process. If you are concerned about the application process for a phone number in specific country, speak with your Account Executive.

How do I transition from a trial to a full account? Will my data transfer over?

During your trial period, you can convert your trial to a full subscription in the settings menu. Simply select the plan that works for you, add your payment information, and you’ll be able to retain the numbers and settings you applied during your trial period. You’ll see a handy countdown to your trial expiration, so be sure to convert your account to ensure a smooth transition.