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Geo-Routing: Your Call Efficiency Wizard

by CallTrackingMetrics

Nobody likes being constantly put on hold, transferred from one department or location to another, and having to repeat the same information again and again just to be put in touch with the person who can help you.  It wastes your caller’s time and yours, adding uninvited frustration to everyone’s day.  Who needs that?

Geographic routing—or geo-routing—is a perfect way to streamline your call routing by cutting out unneeded manual routing time.  You can define your routing needs by choosing which calls are sent to which location based on a radius you set and the caller’s area code or five-digit zip code.  If you have overlapping service areas or receive calls from areas you don’t support, you can set rules for how those calls are handled too.  Callers can be routed “silently” (based on their area code), or you can prompt them to enter their zip code to reach their nearest location.

With the CallTrackingMetrics geo-routing tool, you can connect your callers directly to the business location that can help them—no more juggling callers between locations, no more wasted time.  Geo-routing is a great way to maximize your efficiency and impress your callers.

The geo-routing feature is available for Advanced and Elite accounts in the U.S. and Canada.  To learn more about geo-routing and how to get started, check out our help pages.