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Level up Your Phone Call Tracking in 2016: Call Scoring and Post Call Surveys

by Merry Keane

Just about every marketer out there knows how important it is to be able to attribute a phone call back to a specific marketing channel using a phone call tracking software like CallTrackingMetrics. So while it’s fantastic that your phone is ringing off the hook…do you know which of your campaigns are bringing in the best qualified leads and what calls are converting into sales?

Take your call tracking in 2016 to the next level with call scoring and conversion tracking, two of the most underrated and most useful features in CallTrackingMetrics. Here’s how…


Agent Based Interaction
Using our browser-based Call Log your team has the ability to:

  • Score Leads– Provide feedback to management using a star system to track lead quality. Everybody loves to see a burning hot 5 star call in their call log.
  • Reporting Tags- Instantly categorize your calls by product, promotion, qualified/not qualified, sales ready, or anything you want. If you can dream it, you can tag it.
  • Call Conversion Amount- Mark your calls as converted and associate a dollar amount with the click of a button. Sometimes a conversion doesn’t have a dollar amount associated and we understand that. So whether you’re scheduling new patient appointments, tours of a facility, or a consultation, we have you covered.
  • Post Call Surveys are another great way to track sales on your calls. Our call routing will prompt your agent to take a post call survey after the caller hangs up. By using the keypad on their phone they can indicate whether a sale has been made and the revenue amount associated. This information will populate in your call log and feed into your reports.

Call Scoring Automated
We know in this day and age businesses are using many tools to optimize their processes. We also understand that there can be some resistance with teaching your team another new software. CallTrackingMetrics’ call analytics can automate the call scoring and conversion reporting for you.

CallTrackingMetrics offers call recording, transcription and Keyword Spotting which automatically analyzes your calls for the presence (or lack of) keywords in the audio of a conversation. This is a great way to identify certain types of calls and take automatic actions based on the words being spotted.

These are some of the ways our clients are using our call analytics:

  • Appointment scheduling- Spot words like schedule, appointment, or see you then, automatically tag the call with “appointment scheduled” or automatically mark it as converted. These tags and conversions will populate in the call log and reporting.
  • Sales- Identifying words like credit card, expiration date, confirmation number, order number, etc are pretty good indicators that a sale was made on the call. Automatically tag these calls as a “sale”, mark them as converted, and send an email notifying your team lead.
  • Objections- Look for words that would indicate an objection in your sales process. The ability to identify objections and reviewing how your team handles these is great coaching tool.
  • Wrong number- your calls are coming in and that’s great but not when they’re a wrong dialer. Spot the words “wrong number” and automatically exclude it from your reporting and tag the call as “wrong number.”

By automatically categorizing your calls and marking them as a sale, you’ll be able to spot trends and see which agents are performing.


Let our integrations eliminate unnecessary duplication
By integrating your CallTrackingMetrics account with other analytics and CRM systems we can automatically send the revenue to your favorite tools. Using our integration with Salesforce, as your team is marking these calls as converted (by any of the avenues above or even in Salesforce) this information will be communicated between both systems. This allows you to save time by eliminating duplication and attributing revenue to the right agent and marketing channel.

When using our AdWords call tracking we’ll send your calls to Google Analytics and AdWords and associate it with the right campaign, ad group, and keyword. Having your calls show up in AdWords as conversions is great. Being able to tie that call to revenue is even better. We’ll send the value of that call into your AdWords account allowing you to optimize your campaigns around high quality calls and actual sales.CallTrackingMetrics Integrations

Tie it all together and see the whole picture
Our ROI reporting will pull all performance metrics and provide you with a complete report on how your marketing channels and agents are performing. Our system will calculate all your data points like call volume, conversion rates, revenue, and cost and provide you with an ROI score for each of your channels so you can optimize your spending.