CTM Weekly Digest: March 1, 2019

We are constantly working to improve our platform, and are pleased to announce that the following enhancements will be released next week:

  • Basic Call Flow Visualizer: We’ve just made it easier to understand your caller’s journey through your phone system. When editing your tracking number settings, you’ll notice a new button in the upper righthand corner for the “Call Routing Visual View.” Clicking this will display your call route in a simplified flowchart format. In this new view, you’ll see every part of that number’s programmed routes at a glance—perfect for troubleshooting, reviewing routes, and visualizing where you’d like to make changes.
  • Real-Time Agents Live Monitor: With our new Live Monitor tool, you’ll be able to bookmark a specific agent and easily live-listen to their active calls at the click of a button. You’ll find this new tool inside your Real-Time Agents Dashboard. The Live Monitor tool is an easy way to keep track of agents in training or allow junior agents to shadow senior team members.

  • Add Queues to Calls: You’ll notice a new option in your softphone to add a call queue to an active call. This can be used as an alternative to simply transferring a call to another agent. By adding a queue to the call, the first agent to answer the prompt will be able to join once they’re available. This could be a great way to conference in another team member and introduce them to your caller.

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