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Whether you are managing global campaigns or local to your country, you can select from local or toll free tracking numbers in 58 countries. Use our browser-based softphone, landline, or mobile phones to accept and receive calls.

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Call Tracking in Croatia

CallTrackingMetrics is pleased to offer our call tracking and telephony services in Croatia. We offer a variety of features and pricing options to suit businesses large and small.

Pricing by Dial Prefix

Below you can see how much it would cost to dial any of the given prefixes:

Dial Prefix Essentials plan Advanced plan Elite plan
385 $0.693 $0.402 Contact Us
38591 $1.935 $1.122 Contact Us

How Does it Work?

Select which marketing channels you want to track (online or offline) and select tracking numbers for each channel.

Using our dynamic tracking code, tracking numbers will appear on your website when visitors coming from one of your channels. You can also place tracking numbers in all of your offline materials.

Calls come in and are associated to the exact advertising channel and website visit (if applicable) that led to the call. You will immediately know details like the ad, keyword, and landing page the caller viewed. You will also be able to review caller history, add notes, review audio recordings, and leverage voice analysis to spot patterns in your calls.

If you need more complex routing options, we offer all of them as options. Route calls to landlines, mobile phones, or browser softphones. Route calls through call queues, IVR menus, hold patterns, and using patterns like simultaneous, sequential, or round robin dialing.

Reporting provides you the detail you need about each call to understand what happened in the call and what advertisement led to the call. View an array of higher level reports and dashboards that show you patterns in agent performance, call answer rates, performance by advertisements, landing pages, A/B testing variations, and search keywords.