CallTrackingMetrics Conversation Intelligence Platform and RingCentral Alternative

Complete Marketing Attribution and Contact Center Solution

Cutting-Edge Business Phone System

Customize the customer experience with advanced call management tools.

At CallTrackingMetrics, our cutting-edge call tracking and call management software has the ability to adapt to the particular needs of any size business — from a small business to a mid-size agency, to an enterprise call center.

We offer the the only comprehensive software in the market that includes both an advanced call management feature set and complete call tracking and call attribution tools for marketing campaigns. You can choose to use our software to track ROI on marketing initiatives, run your small business phone system, or power your global contact center.

Our pricing is simple, too. Our pricing structure allows us to serve customers small and large by enabling them to carefully select the level of features and amount of usage that they require. For example, the Contact Center Plan has no per-seat charges, so scaling a call center quickly can be more affordable than ever.

Increase the productivity of your team and streamline operations easily with our contact center software. We can tell you where your calls are coming from and in-depth statistics on what happened in those calls.

No other software comes close to the ever expanding range of products and features that we offer. Our intelligent call management tools allow you to completely personalize the customer experience based on the individual needs of your business.

CallTrackingMetrics is more than a great set of products that combine into a comprehensive software. We also have an unmatched customer success program. You can call us to get real-time technical support, or you can choose to use our resources portal for self-guided webinars and tutorials. We can also set you up with a dedicated engineer and/or your own 24/7 hotline for emergencies if necessary.

So, if you're in search of the most comprehensive call management software on the market, and a great alternative to RingCentral, then look no further than CallTrackingMetrics.

CallTrackingMetrics has:

  • No per-seat fees

  • Unlimited users

  • Customizable Softphone

  • Live agent dashboard

  • Advanced IVR & queues

  • Agent call scripts

  • Click-to-call forms

  • Text messaging capabilities

  • Post-call surveys

  • Score and tag calls

  • Call recordings & transcriptions

  • Local & toll-free numbers

  • Numbers available in 80+ countries

  • Comprehensive product support

Advanced Call Management Tools

Increase productivity with dynamic tools for call routing, dialing, & workflow automation.

Route incoming calls based on custom rules about the caller such as online activity, & demographic data.

Dynamically connect your agents with customers. Define custom rules to strategically manage calls.

Easily route calls to your team's computers anywhere around the globe with our browser-based softphone.

Choose from 1000s of local and toll-free numbers for locations around the globe.

Simple Pricing, Powerful Plans

All plans include unlimited users and robust reporting analytics

Business Plan

Great for Small Businesses
billed monthly + usage Sign Up

Marketing Plan

Great for Advertising Agencies
billed monthly + usage Sign Up

Contact Center Plan

Great for Contact Centers & Lead Sellers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to select a plan right now?
No, we currently have a free 14-day trial so that you can try out our software before signing up. You can also choose to schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives to get a comprehensive look at what CallTrackingMetrics offers.

Can I estimate usage costs?
Yes, you can get an idea what your typical monthly usage costs might be by trying out our pricing calculator. Simply enter your anticipated usage amounts (numbers, minutes, etc.) into the calculator to view an estimated monthly price.

How does billing work?
When you create your account, you will enter a credit card that is used to fund your CTM available balance. This balance funds your numbers, minutes, monthly software fee and any other premium services you choose to activate. When your balance falls below a specific amount, we will automatically recharge it to your requested amount.

Will I be able to change plans later?
Absolutely, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan at any point. We know your business is unique, so we have designed three different plans to help accommodate all needs. If you change plans in the middle of a billing cycle, you will be prorated to reflect the time you still had left in your original plan.


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